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Live, laugh, love…it has no real meaning…until it does!

January 22, 2012

I’m always rushing. Is everyone’s life like this? I need desperately to record the work I’ve done with my Grandson and keep a report of how things have progressed. I’m trying to do re-writes on a childrens book I’ve written and want published…working on my second YA fiction book. Add to all this, actually taking care of my beautiful 4 year old Grandson, my 16 year old daughter and her busy schedule, and the many medical problems and appointments that lupus has brought to my table. <yawn> I’m tired. Geez, I wonder how many times I have said that  today and it’s only 2:39! Up at 6:00, had to meet my eldest daughter at a local gas station to drop off the younger one so she could get to school, while I race to a town, a 45 minute drive away… for an 8:30 appointment. From there it’s all the way back into our town, over an hours drive to get new prescriptions, then to do bloodwork…then to check on family, friends and blogs. Finally I get to write what I want and it’s time to go pick up my daughter from school and take her to work! <sigh> I really want a life! I have visions where I am in this amazing A-frame cabin overlooking a gorgeous, massive body of water way down below. The fire is roaring and I can actually feel myself smiling as I drift into this make-believe writers corner. Shake it off, Wendy! The only way that dream will ever happen is if I can finally get one of the books I’ve written or am currently writing published…and the only way that is going to happen is if I keep working on them! So here it is, my final minutes before getting in that car and heading away one more time and where am I? Blogging, of course! I could become addicted to blogging. It’s like living, laughing and loving all in short 2 minute intervals. Does that sound crazy? You know people cheat on their spouses for the very thrill of a new person…ewww! I wonder if blogging is my way of cheating on life…it’s kind of like my little A-frame cabin…safe and warm. I can pump out a few words, touch a few readers and hopefully connect and read their amazing 2 minute shares…yeah…this is like innocent cheating on life isn’t it? Hey, it’s legal, it’s free and it makes me smile! How about you?


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