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When Life Begins

January 22, 2012

When blue is no longer a favorite color...this is the beginning of something very new. I just became a Grandma...a Nana. This beautiful mess of non-crying, non-breathing is MINE...yes only as a grandson but none the less he owned my heart instantly. I will spend the next years watching him, studying him and trying to find what it is he is seeing, hearing and thinking. Thanking God every day that passes that we have been given a chance to do just that. He is 4 years old now. He has spoken very few sentences that were not words 'fed' to him to repeat. He is slow for his age but at the same time he is bright as a whip. I can't place a finger on what is different about him but in this blog I hope to type frequently, recording what I have learned from this small blessing that was gifted to our family. I believe that working with him will fill my heart and mind with the healing I need to overcome my own fear of a recent diagnosis of lupus. I believe that my disease is also a gift...a gift that will allow me time at home to really 'see' a grandson and a 16 year old daughter I would otherwise have missed so much time with. So starting with the moment of deepest fear, the moment this child was born and not breathing. The moment when I stood between him and my other daughter trying to hide the fact they were reviving her son. Yes, a few minutes in our lives...and a feeling of fear that will never leave me. The outcome was obviously a precious one...a beautiful baby boy that will always be amongst the greatest blessings in our lives!


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  1. Here is to a long life of happiness and joy! The road will sometimes be bumpy, but any and all things can be taken care of with God at your side.

    Gentle Hugs,

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