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Elmo and Cookie Monster for President and VP!!!

January 31, 2012

I was on FB doing a bit of chatting back and forth when the subject of politics came up. Ughhh! I hate the fight but I was raised by a family that has always jumped in and fought without even coming up for air. I have lost friends, lost my mind and lost respect for my own self at times…when I hear what comes out of my mouth. This year I promised myself to not go there. I had a temporary set back to which I have apologized for my part and made a new start at things! Is it genetics that make me jump into this game of foolish banter? With today being a fresh start I decided to put some humor into it…lighten it up a little, right? So, my friend offered up Elmo, which I instantly responded to with questions of perhaps he was too red…hmmm I literally was thinking, red meaning ‘stop,’ you know, I do work with a 4 year old most days. I was NOT thinking red, as in communism. Come on people we are talking Sesame Street here! I then suggested Cookie Monster, after all he has chocolate chip cookies, who can say no to chocolate? She came back with, ‘but Elmo is so honest.” I had to put it out there…do we want honesty or chocolate? OH my gosh, now I’ve offended everyone with my play on communism and comparison of chocolate to Obama himself. Good grief. I was honestly playing like a 4 year old, with NO evil intended. I personally think they make a GREAT team and I say we all vote for Elmo and Cookie Monster this go round; afterall, they are red, white and blue! <grins>


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  1. That is hysterical!! It reminds me of when I was in High School. We were all voting for “most popular” and my group decided to vote for Garfield and Odie (the cartoon characters). It got passed around and before you know it, Garfield and Odie WON!! They even made it in our yearbook for “most popular” LOL

    I like your positive attitude!

  2. Wendy Boyce permalink

    LOL! I wonder if that would be better…should we happen to actually vote in Elmo and Cookie Monster as Presient and VP…hmmm at least we’d learn more about sharing!
    Thanks for the comments!

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