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How important is a puzzle?

February 1, 2012

My grandson, has been going to 3 forms of therapy on a weekly basis. He has speech therapy, occupational therapy and therapy to help with his sensory overload…

I’ve taught pre-school and montessori. I’ve worked with children for half my life! I know we have to expose them to puzzles and help them learn to put things together. I know it has value but really, at all 3 of these appointments Connor has been told to sit down and work on puzzles. I am going to explode if they don’t stop this! <picture small pieces of one 110lb woman on the ceiling, walls and floors of the therapist office. It might do lasting damage to my poor little one and yours, should you be the one to follow our appointment.> Are these women actually trained to work with children? Are they too bored with life to create something that will actually appear ‘fun’ for Connor? He absolutely HATES puzzles. They make no sense to him. He wants desperately to snap them together and not overlay and slide in. They take a smiling little boy and leave him a saddened, noncaring one. His Mom and I both work with him on puzzles. We do this daily for a few minutes at a time. Is it too much to have hoped that in at least speech therapy they would focus on teaching him to communicate?  I take in a confident little boy and bring out a flapping, unhappy soul. I don’t know what to do or say? Is there someway I can express that they need to move onto something else, anything else…without offending these women? I want what is best for this child, they imply repeatedly that we don’t have the training to know what is best for him. They want him to start pre-school this September. We enrolled him in playschool for a few months and he lost 11 lbs, stopped eating and ended up in a hospital. He’s regained his weight, stopped the dazed look and chronic flapping and began trying to communicate with us. I don’t think he is ready for full time pre-school. I’m thrilled with a couple hours 3 times a week but apparently if we don’t follow ‘their’ rules, he will not be permitted to anymore government help. That felt like a threat until I wrote this…because to this point, the government hasn’t exactly helped!

Just so you know my brain is racing, it has been for an hour or more. I got a phone call, did not recognize the caller and didn’t answer…instead I got up and locked my door. I am in hybernation mode, strangers are not allowed to cross my mind during this time. I’v forced myself to face that I am hiding from something and question what…I’ve finally figured it out! I’m whining in this blog. <LOL!> I’ll end, before I do I’ll steal a laugh from a webpage because absolutely nobody should read a blog and leave feeling worse than when they arrived!

that was stolen from: where you can find other small laughs at us…the addicted blogger! <sigh…the phone is ringing…and somebody requires the sound of my voice, help me!> hahaha!


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