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Chips anyone???

February 2, 2012

Baby boy spent the evening with me yesterday…he got a fabulous gift from my best friend in the mail. He was over the moon as he opened it and saw a car holding ‘Olivia’ and her family, the pigs from the tv series of same name! She even sent him a dvd of Olivia! He watched the dvd and played with the car and pigs for a really long time, which is very unusual for him. He’s not a make believe kind of kid! After he put it away he found 2 straws tucked away and opened them, oddly…he played with the 2 staws for almost as long as the Olivia family. He stuck them together and instantly became a Pirate. <something that was actually happening in another Olivia episode so in context with the previous play> For most parents/Grandparents seeing a 4 year old play like this is not noteworthy…for us it is! Connor is still awaiting testing for autism. Sometimes I am convinced they will say he has some form of it, other times I am convinced he just had a slow start in life and will catch up. Anyway it goes, I’ve never seen this much normal make believe from him. If that was not enough to make my night, he later came in and said, “chips!” Now that he has done many times before, a chip lover…he has that one down pat! I told him I had no chips and he continued to pull at my hands and order me to get him chips. Feeling defeated and rather sad that I didn’t have any, I finally got up and said, ‘fine.’ I pulled out several baby carrots and handed them to him. He looked at them, smiled and said “wow, cool!” He then said, “carrots.” Did I mention he also asked for 2 banana’s…not 1 but 2! That I did have and he was given 2. There is nothing better in the world than seeing this beautiful boy asking for food, healthy food…being happy to eat it and watching him play make believe! All in all, it was a magnificent night! Now if I can just figure out exactly HOW one makes stuffed peppers…<grins>! Yep, husband is home from working away…and I am actually expected to use my own voice in normal conversation AND cook….I don’t know which I find hardest?!  🙂

oh…oh…oh, he was watching Super Why and Princess Presto asked what letter makes the sss sound and he shouted, “S!”


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