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February 17, 2012

Our little poser

Life really is just a series of investigations…we wake up and spend our day trying to find something that will make it a little lighter, a little more fun. Maybe we pretend we are more grownup than that, but I’m pretty sure we are all in the same boat. Will today be hard? Will today be easy? When you are little you look in your big sisters room, or in Connor’s case his Aunts room. Maybe there is something awesome hiding in this box. Poor little kids are always getting fussed at for doing what we do all day…looking for something…any little thing they’ve never touched or seen before…with the hope it will make today cool! For us adults we have this awesome tool, the computer. I can hunt for a cure for lupus, a cure for autism…I can hunt for the comfort of a new friend who seems to understand things better than I do. We have cars so we can drive away when we’ve simply had enough of the house…but these little people with twice the energy and a powerful need to explore are rather stuck. I think I love working with children because they remind me of the simplicity of life. We get so overworked up about everything…because we have ‘google’ or a 100 other ways to learn about or discover the world around us, that we forget to just open a box of stuff and sit down and explore it. I have watched Connor spend an hour making faces at himself in the glass of my fireplace. My friend took a picture recently of her son sitting and watching a washer spin through the glass…Kids take small things and actually think about them in a way we can’t anymore… Sometimes I wonder what Connor is seeing in that little ‘something’ he holds in his hand. I have watched him put 2 straws together and magically turn them into swords and become a pirate. I’ve then watched 2 of those straws be added into a cup of juice so that he has a bendy straw instead of a straight up and down one…he finds joy in straws. Everyday is different for him, every day holds a chance of something wonderful happening. I long to watch his eyes as he takes in new things. He is my hope…no matter what today brings…he will be one of the greatest parts of it!


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  1. He is absolutely adorable!!

    Life is definitely full of mystery and I love to watch ALL kids explore it! Great blog!

    • Well, we finally got the medical diagnosis of autism. I felt so sorry for my daughter…she’s a trooper and once the shock and denial left her, she was on board with where and what to do next. I have to admit, though my head was convinced he had it, hearing it made me tear up too. If ever a Nana wanted to hear she was wrong, today was the day. Connor was magnificent all day! He did absolutely everything he needed to do! We are sad for the autism, but aware this is just the beginning of ‘investigating’ on further ways to keep his mind moving upward and onward!

  2. I am sure that it has to be devastating. We only want happiness and health for our kids. The good news is that Connor has an amazing and very caring family! With that, he can succeed! He is in good hands!

    Now that you have confirmation, benefits can be obtained and you can get the help he needs. It will not be an easy road for any of you, but with the love and support of your family and friends, you can travel that road and make it the best it can be for him.

    Thank you for sharing your Connor with us. He is a great kid!


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