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February 23, 2012


Yesterday Connor and I had lucked into watching a lady saddle her horse. He got to walk up and pet the legs of that long legged beauty, then she asked if he wanted to sit in the saddle. He was on that saddle in no time and we had to hold the horse back; as the very excited Connor shouted, “1,2,3…ready, set, GOOOO!” Then quick as a flash he grabbed the reigns and tried to take off for real. It was a bit of shock as this child, well, he does not even like rides in front of shopping centers! She let him sit up there for awhile and you never saw a happier a child! When it was time to come down he roared! He threw his body at me over and over screaming, “no, no, no….!” It went on for nearly 20 minutes, it was so bad he made himself start to vomit…even with the fierce fit, I’d do it all again. I understand the anger, the frustration and disappointed feeling. Today we had a repeat of this pitching and throwing his body at me full force…because we were done at the play ground. I am loving that he is getting braver, getting more hands on contact. Today he even raced through the woods getting himself wet and muddy, something he would never tolerate the feel of in the past. I’m so happy and proud of him. He is coming out of his shell more almost hourly! The question is, while I am insisting on continuing this journey of grabbing every experience I can for him…is there anything that will help calm the tantrums? I have lupus and to be honest the lunging at me like a loaded bullet is serioiusly affecting my body. I will tolerate anything to see him keep opening up but IF there is any good advice I’d appreciate it. I’ve been firm, held him still, tried hugging it out of him, which is really hard when his very strong body is that angry. IF I can get him into his car seat and turn the radio on it seems to calm him…but sometimes that is too far away…I am hoping something will help, if nothing else then just learning that the ‘fits’ won’t win him what he wants, maybe…if my body doesn’t give out first, haha! Today, has been awesome for us, outside of one tantrum…he’s been singing, he’s shown me all his A,B,C’s and even that if you turn the M over it’s a W. He even showed them all to Grandad when he came home! He discovered he likes tangerines, after first refusing and running from it. He has managed to shake his head yes, though I’ve not heard the word yet…Over all, I’m just so proud of him. Nearly bath time now so off I go. By the way the picture is Connor in his make shift tent, he has a real one but for some reason this was more fun…until he suddenly got the wise idea that it also looked like a hammock from above, yeah…we put the blankets away! I love this boy!


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  1. Oh the tantrums! It is good that you are trying to nip them in the bud at an early age, but even then, they will continue… hopefully not as bad as time goes on.

    Sounds like you are doing what you can. If there is any possible way to redirect him, then that is a good option. Each kid is different in this area and sometimes it is trial and error to figure out the key.

    He is one lucky kid to have you in his life!

    • I got caught with another major one tonight, completely my fault! About to go blog about the night…LOL! All I can say now is I think a part of me will vanish into nothing when his mom comes home and takes him back with her for the nights…He is WORK but like a puzzle, and it keeps my mind busy and so happy when we make these break throughs!

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