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February 26, 2012


What a week of learning he’s had! From a short ride on a horse, to climbing towers and going down slides…even the McDonald slide…which I’ve been trying to get him to do for months! Woohoo! Today he started responding to questions and I can’t tell you how awesome that felt. Tears to my eyes…I asked him to choose between 2 shows and he did, choosing…of course ‘Super Why,’ his most favorite! Then I asked him if he wanted Bedtime Bear or the one with stars and Ella…which is his favorite, within a split second he responded, “Bedtime Bear.” I almost fell over I was so excited. Not only did he actually choose but he chose the one that I didn’t expect. He’s also popped out a couple of full sentences…like when he was curled up on his Aunt’s bed and I walked in to put something away, he said, “shhh, I’m tryin’ to sleep.” I just love watching him really come alive like this. Sooo, keeping it honest, right?! Well, I have been so good to keeping to schedules. Tonight my 16 year old begged me to come pick her up at her friends instead of her dad, so we could spend time together on the way home. I explained I’d have to come a bit earlier as Connor would need to be in bed by 9. She was happy with that. So I took Connor out all wrapped in a blanket and ready for bed…then thought, wait, he LOVES pictures and stories of stars…take a few minutes and show him the stars. So we looked up. He was instantly amazed. He tossed his head and body back on me and pointed up shouting, “look!” He watched them so long his body went limp with the joy…and then I blew it. One change in a night is really enough…but no, I tried to take the stars away AND put him in the car to go get Stephanie. He fought, and screamed and it took a bit to get him in the seat! Once in the seat, we headed down the mountain, screams still going. I turned onto the main road and the screams went into just the saddest soft sob, he said, “goodbye, my Super Readers.” The soft weeping continued and I flashed into the stories of me as a small child. When my parents would take us away on vacations, I would cling to my bed and sob, “goodbye my bed.” It would continue as they pulled me out the door, “goodbye my door, goodbye my stairs, goodbye….” That thought always made me a little sad. I still hate vacations and leaving my house. Then I remembered schedules and the importance of keeping things the same…and I stopped the car and turned around. The sad crying stopped instantly. I said, “Connor, we are going back to Nana’s house and let Grandad pick up Stephanie. Silence still, so I said, “We are going back to Nana’s to watch Super Why, right now, okay?” A little voice returned, “Any now?” I responded, “yes, right now!” He said in a near whisper, “yay, any now!” I know ‘any’ wasn’t the word he meant to use but we understood each other. It was wrong to leave just before bed, just wrong, silly Nana. Once home with his favorite show on, he jumped in my lap and pulled me so close I felt like we were both going to stop breathing from the hug…then he smiled the greatest grin ever…1 show, clean teeth and off to bed…that’s the way we do things at Nana’s house…I LOVE this boy, I even love that HE keeps ME in check!


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  1. Sometimes you just have to make the right choices…. BUT you can’t let them win. In this case it sounds like you made a right choice by telling him what you were doing…. you kind of gave in, but it was on your terms. Made it sound like it was your idea all along. We can’t let routine be the end all and be all, but it is baby steps that allow the flexibility. You did good Nana! 🙂

    • We broke routine tonight too…because you are right, sometimes it has to happen. We just chose to do it early enough that we were not already fighting that need to find a comfort zone and sleep. This time we went out for dinner, that was out of his comfort zone but he did pretty well. Afterward we went to play at McDonalds on the playground, little guy not onlyover came ALL fear of running through the tunnels and going down the slide BUT there was another scared little boy in the tunnel. I thought Connor would bull doze over him, but low and behond I heard from out of the tunnel holes, “you need help?” He asked twice in fact. When we left, he didn’t have a single fit, came home, had a bath, went straight into his night routine. We both have to adapt…life changes, sometimes for me, sometimes for him!

      • What an amazing little man you have!! Him asking someone if they need help is an AMAZING thing!! I am so excited for you!

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