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A Week Without Internet…OMGosh…I survived!

March 14, 2012

It was quite a shock when we arrived at the very nice resort in Williamsburg, Virginia..only to find they had no wi-fi and you can only use their computers for 15 minutes. Wow! So much for the plans of using my time to research, write and read blogs…work on my book, etc… My first feelings were, RUN! I am happy to report that I survived without using the internet. Phew! I seriously didn’t think I could do it…but what do you know! <grins>

Catching up has taken me days. I came home so happy to see Connor that I was hardly in the door before I had him in my arms and off to play. I kept him all night with me and went to play at McDonalds the next day. Geez I can absolutely survive without internet but one more day without my Grandson might have been the death of me! So straight to playing, then when he was back with his mommy I happened to notice that somehow, in that week and half away, spring…sprung! It’s gorgeous out there! So out the door to garden, rake back the leaves, pull the weeds, plan for what is going to hit the ground next. Ouch! I am learning the hard way that lupus, travel, grandson and gardening is too much, too fast. I would complain more but hey, while resting up I am finally getting back online…so I guess something good really can come from something not so good! 🙂    Beautiful visit away, beautiful return home…so amazingly blessed!


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  1. I have a very difficult time surviving without my computer too. It is crazy how we rely so much on it. However, I am glad that you got some well deserved R&R!

    Can’t wait to read more from you!!


  2. No internet! WHOAH! We took two weeks last summer in Tahoe and for most of it, we didn’t use our smart phones and didn’t have internet. The first 24 hours were weird but it was so relaxing! Sounds like a great trip!

    • It was not that bad after the shock went away! I think it was probably good for us in the end! Thanks for commenting!

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