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A Little Fun on Holiday!

March 17, 2012

Phew, the holiday to Key West was like a break from life…the holiday to Williamsburg left me needing a break! I’m not sure if it was so much more work because I brought my teen daughter or because we walked so much! It was a beautiful place to see, that is for sure. I’ve been trying to load just one little picture of a moment of fun but it’s not wanting to work. IF I can get it to work I will pop up a few pictures of the intersting moments… I will say it was very educational!

Now back home with Connor, whose mommy was hurt at work so has been home with him for the last week. I can see a stronger bond between the two of them. She is currently trying to find day work and get off the shift work so she can keep Connor on a better routine. I keep praying and hoping something will happen that will allow her to just be home with him full time. They would both benefit from that situation. Meantime, whatever comes along…has to be better than working 55 hours plus and never knowing if it will be opening or closing. While Connor was with me, I tried to play the ‘communication for reward game,’ with no luck. He just got frustrated. I didn’t give in and he did not get his cheetos. It kind of made my heart hurt but he does understand! Mommy came in and saw the cards, I explained that was his daily work to earn the cheetos…she showed him the cards asking what each was and without hesitation he responded. He got only one wrong and earned all his cheetos. I’m not sure why mom was able to get the answers but I sure was happy to see it! The one picture he could not explain was a Panda, a new card I had added, he told us it was an owl. Personally, I think that was a pretty good guess! LOL! It’s good to be back home, good to see Connor and great to sleep in my own bed again! Best of all, it’s awesome to be able to get online!


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  1. Robin and I always plan for an extra day or two when we get home from vacation. Sometimes you need those days to relax and get caught up on stuff before you start life again. LOL

    Connor is so lucky to have such a wonderful family. I bet he responded to her because it was new to her and he wanted to show her how good he could do. Kids are funny that way!

    Good job at sticking to your guns. It does hurt a lot, but it is what is best. You did good nanna!! 🙂

    • oh do I really have to start life again, haha…hey do you have any idea why I have so much trouble loading pictures on these blogs? The old blogs I used were a lot quicker and easier…just tried again to load some pics from the trip and it just was not loading! Egad!

      • I always save my pictures to a folder on my computer and when I go to insert them in my blog it works! But, if I try to use the pictures from another source (such as Photobucket) it doesn’t work.

        Not sure why you are having issues. I love pics on my blogs! If you continue to have issues, I can see what I can do to help!

      • The pictures are on the computer on a file. I am wondering if it’s just because I am using satellite, sometimes it is so slow that dial up looks good. I’ll take the laptop into town and try again later…if that doesn’t work…I will sob…haha. I wanted to add a bunch of pictures of the trip. It was a beautiful place to see. I would WAY rather go back to Key West but am still thankful for the opportunity of learning and sharing with my daughter on this one!

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