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Oh My Gosh!

March 19, 2012


Still recovering from the ‘holiday’ in Williamsburg! So much to do the minute I walked in. I’ve finally filtered through my emails, I HOPE caught up with my new friends on the blogs, though I really have had problems with getting the site to move. If I missed your blogs I do apologize and will try to do better! I so appreciate the words of the few I follow on here, such great people! It’s a blessing to live in these times! Working on my self-employed hubby’s tax info…AND THEN….<do you hear the terrifying music playing…yep…it’s loud for sure!> My title says it all. If you read this dear, darling daughther…please know this is my ‘venting’ and I think even you’ll appreciate that I need someplace this time around. Beautiful, intelligent girl…goes to work, gets off and goes to boyfriends house for…and I quote “an hour.” Well that hour turned into a ‘special dinner.’ Okay…dinner ran late…and then she vanished. I got at least a dozen texts with odd and confusing statements…all from the boyfriends phone. Her phone magically stopped work! A little after 9, I am convinced in my heart that my daughter is in trouble…terrified she is dead and…begging the person that claims to be my daughter to call me from any phone, anyplace…just so I can hear her voice. The responses were not even sensible. My husband and I raced for our car, texting the person claiming to be my child that my first stop was Caleb’s house and then to the police to file a report of kidnapping…by now all responses have stopped. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much fear. By 11:00 I finally know that she is alive and at the ‘boyfriends’ mom’s supposed best friend’s house. Long story short, it was nothing more than teen drama. A fight at the boyfriends house, a call to a woman she hardly knew for help…<not to her mommy, who would literally step in front of a truck for her, sigh!> The poor woman that was sucked into believing she had to rescue my daughter…The important thing is she is home, alive, safe and well. Thank God! Did I mention grounded?! I don’t know how much time will pass before this kid is allowed to go anyplace besides school and work…I know time will pass and we will all heal but “OH MY GOSH!” Okay, enough said!


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  1. Oh my GOSH is right!! Kids just don’t quite understand how panicked we get! There is a reason for the cell phone/landline phone…etc.

    My son KNEW that if he got a text or call from us that he better by golly respond or all hell would break loose.

    Glad she is okay!!

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