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A New Definition for Blue Baby

March 22, 2012

A New Definition for Blue Baby


I don’t know where my head was last night. One of those moments you just know you should have captured on camera and failed! In my defense, when I turned the camera on it told me the battery needed a nap…yeah apparently it was exhausted. Poor camera! Well, Connor arrived to the house a very vivid color of blue. While he was sick and in fact having coughing fits so bad that it ‘could’ explain the blue…it was not the illness that caused this particular shade. It seems our sweet 4 year old found a blue permanent marker and decided to turn himself into a smurf. What a job he did too. So I did what most Nana’s would do, loaded the tub full of bubbles and popped in some toys, followed by 1 small blue boy. I spent the next few minutes with some soap and a cloth rubbing the blue down. Yikes…blue turns into a mucky gray when it spreads and half fades! I had this momentary longing for the brighter shade that was there, at least it was a happier blue! Okay, don’t panic. I went for the large bottle of Dora the Explorer, hypo-allergenic cherry blossom 3 in 1 body, shampoo and conditioner bottle. Yep, I know what you are mumbling, “Dora, cherry blossom…for a boy!” Yeah, okay…so he loves Dora and I love Dora…and it smells fantastic. It’s great on his very dry, very sensitive skin…and wow, I am rambling off topic now! <grins> Just to help myself feel better about using this girly scent, girly bottle of bubbles on this awesome boy, I have to tell you…almost all the blue is gone. The few small places are where I couldn’t quite get him scrubbed because, well, little boys with bubbles and water think splashing is far more important than getting clean! Anyway, that was our most eventful moments last night! Connor was truly not well, would not eat much of anything and just wanted to lay limply across the couch watching Super Why or Dinosaur Train. We did get one gust of energy and played the song Around, Over, Under…through…near…far…. I don’t know why he loves this little song found from a Seseme Street dvd…but he makes me act it out and then rolls in fits of laughter. We couldn’t play it too long because the laughter set up the coughing…poor baby!


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  1. Oh that is hysterical!! I bet he was a sight to see. I am sorry he isn’t feeling well, but it sounds as though he knows how much he is loved!! He sounds like a great little boy. Wish I lived closer so I could meet the little fella!

    Sending healing vibes your way!!

    • He was still a little underweather and slightly blue today…LOL! Much more active, so I thank you for the healing vibes, they are working!

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