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A Tiny Mouse

March 24, 2012

Image I find it amazing that my grandson can take my hand and lead me to the door and say, ‘look’…but not tell me he wants to go outside. Lately I’ve been refusing to open it, insisting he say the words, “open” or “outside” to gain access to the great outdoors! My head tells me he can do this, my heart questions whether I am right. The thing is, he knows the words. I know him, and for some reason he is super stubborn and wants what he wants without yielding, no matter what the results may be. He will happily mutter the word when we are out walking but refuses to use it to actually ‘go outside.’ I’ve been wondering how many words he really has, so recently started testing him with flash cards. I have been pleasantly surprised with his knowledge…words that he has never used, other than to answer in regards to the cards. This past week I’ve begun to hear him say words that I’ve never even flashed cards for! This is where I ask that you forgive me if the slightest bit of crude reality offends and just stop reading…cuz I am a pretty proper person, so the remainder of this blog may lose a moment of that! Yesterday, Connor was happily playing throughout the house. He told me what shows he wanted to watch on television. He played dinosaurs and even asked to watch an episode of ‘Super Why,’ requesting the show by name and even telling me which particular series by stopping me at the word, ‘dragon’…another word I was unaware he had learned. He ran through the house blowing fire and roaring with me for awhile. Not completely over his cold, he later curled up on his Auntie’s bed and began watching a show I am certain was over his head. She had left it in the dvd player, he managed to turn it on and insisted on watching it. Looking almost asleep, I decided to run to the toilet and pee…what does that take 30 seconds???? How much trouble can a half asleep 4 year old boy cause in that amount of time. Half-way through…yeah mid-stream… I heard hysterical giggles and gleeful shouts of “mouse, mouse, mouse!” Yeah…control, pants hardly up and running back into the room, I found this little sleep-faking child with the mouse cage on the bed and his hands happily inside…chasing said mouse about! Yikesola! You know the right thing to do is to tell him off for his behavior. He is fully aware he is not to touch the mouse cage, more or less the mouse…so why is it that I always want to laugh when he is so naughty? I calmly told him the mouse will bite him as I took the cage and put it back up. He walks over and tells the mouse, clear as a bell….”I bite YOU!” I somehow find this flash of joy in his mischievious choices. It’s like a moment of truth! This kid knows so very much more than he lets on, he knows words, he can trick me…<sigh> I can’t explain it….I can only tell you I am so very proud…there must be something wrong with me!  🙂


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  1. LOL…that was a mental picture and a half! LOL

    These kids amaze me every day with the stuff that they know. We take a lot of it for granted. Just because they have Autism doesn’t mean that they aren’t in there!!

    • I think that is the hardest part…I know he is in there and I long for the moments when he pops out and is really here with me…not just responding to flash cards, but actually loving the life he is living! If that requires accepting the naughty side, then rock on!

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