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March 28, 2012

Oh Happy DAYS! It was a bit of a laugh watching my daughter; Connor’s Mommy, and Connor playing around my house yesterday. Connor was miserably grumpy for some reason. Personally I think it is just his cough medicine making him feel that way…but he was moody! I think I changed his mood a little when I asked him if he wanted to yell…he looked at me very confused, with those big round eyes! So I let loose and yelled. He pretended to yell when I urged him to let one out too…it was a rather soft and lacking shout. So I yelled again, his mom joined in…he yelled in various voices. He really didn’t seem to have any more temper fits after that! Hahaha! Later, Mommy was outside by her truck and Connor wanted to get to her. He tried to tell her but she just assured him she’d be right back. Next thing you know he is straddled on the top of my deck rail! That boy! Not so bad on the front deck but the back deck is 2 floors up. He has NO idea what height is or that it is dangerous…sooo no outside play, without total, 100%, one on one attention! Anyway, my daughter suddenly realized that her low bank account had quite a bit more money in it than it should have. She was a little thrown back and excited. After a little research, she learned that SSI had finally begun paying them. Wow! What a wonderful surprise and appreciated bit of help. Now I have a question for other parents who have more knowledge on this subject. As his Nana, can I get the government to pay me for childcare? It’s not that I want to use anybody…but as you know the cost can get quite draining. I pay for special foods, special milk, special toys, and then this September the cost of gas back and forth to the school. I don’t mind doing any of it as I truly love him! If there is help though, it would be rather nice. If you know who to contact or if there is anyway to get started on finding this information out, please let me know! Thanks!


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