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American Idol

March 29, 2012

Image Oh, I know that headline will totally grab an audience! <grins> It’s true, I watch it…faithfully. I don’t even know why I do it. During the first few weeks, I always feel like the kids are so bad. that they should just raise their hand and announce somewhat proudly, “I suck, I know it…and I voluntarily remove myself from this competition.” They never do, they never will, and then magically by the time we are down to 9 youngsters, I start to feel like some of them are actually good! This week I surprised myself, or rather…Elise shocked the heck out of me. With her Led Zeplin sounds, her awesome energy and that Steven Tyler outfit, I felt a “Whole Lotta Love!” In fact I voted over 50 times for her, while my teen daughter added another 50. I’ve only ever voted one other time in my life, and it was purely because I felt so sorry for the ugliness toward poor Timmy of 2 years ago. I dailed the number once and then went to bed. So it surprised me when I found myself glued to redial last night… Still, I was so impressed that I did announce to both my husband and my daughter, that someday, I am so going to marry that girl! To think she has been in the bottom 3 almost every show! Wow! Okay, I didn’t tell you guys anything about Connor today…just a little about myself. Hope the change of topic doesn’t lose anybody! Sometimes, you gotta break free and have a little fun with life. I guess in the end, that is why I watch American Idol…hoping for one night of feeling some magic. Even if the magic is happening to somebody I don’t know, somebody I will never meet…it’s a joy to watch them finally hit that moment on stage when they know they finally ‘arrived!’  You watch their face light up and suddenly their world feels brighter! That moment happened for Elise, last night, without a doubt! Counter that high with the weekly low, I hate that any kid has to be voted off. I always feel sorry for them. If they would just sort of open their mind and volunteer to walk away…I’d be all over that. Heejun may not have been the strongest singer…but he sure was fun. Anyway, off with the old  and on with the new! If you didn’t see Elise’s performance, make sure you find her online and give the newest song a listen!!! You won’t regret it!

🙂 easy link to Elise’s “A Whole Lotta Love.”


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One Comment
  1. I love love love American Idol. I also think Elise had an incredible performance. I have liked her for most of the show.

    I always feel bad for the one who goes home, but it is a competition. My favorites are Colton, Phil, and Skylar… woot!!

    PS… I am bitter sweet about Heejun… liked his humor, but not his voice so much…..

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