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Epic Fail

May 11, 2012


I was kept awake until after 3:00 in the morning last night, by neighbors that use their cabin as a get-a-way. In truth it wasn’t the neighbor, but his young son, who came out and seemed to be having a very ‘happy’ night. I’m sure he enjoyed his peaceful sleep in, while this family was up at 6:00 to prepare for real life. I’m not complaining…I was young once too.  The thing is, when my husband emailed the owner to explain that we need the week days to be quieter, especially right now while my 16 year old is taking finals in her high-school and college classes…he received a quick response saying he was not there but his young son has been visiting and has been spoken to. He went on to say his son would probably show up to meet us and apologize. Honestly, that was not necessary. I appreciate the daddy response though. At 8:30, my daughter and I had given up on expecting anyone and were curled on the couch in our comfy over-sized T-shirts watching Glee, when the dog went wild. The outside light kicked on and I quickly dropped to the floor; crawling, I put the dog in the bathroom while telling my daughter firmly to the turn the television off, “now!” As I get back to the safe, non-viewable from the door side of the sofa, she whispers loudly, “Why?” I replied, “I think there is a man at the door and I am so not getting up like this!” She looks at me and bursts into laughter, something like, “There’s a MAN out there,” erupts loudly from her mouth as her body goes flat across the couch.  I hit the floor beneath her and as our eyes met, we both began laughing hysterically. The only seconds ago, running television just switched off, laughter emitting from the seemingly empty room…I’m sure he didn’t think anything strange at all…still shaking my head and shrugging…you don’t suppose he did, do you?  Ooops, is this considered an epic fail? <oh no!>


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