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Half Full Or Half Empty?

May 11, 2012

We all know the expression, “Is the glass half empty or half full.’ My glass has always been half empty. In fact it’s just been empty. Forget the word half – completely!!! I love to read when people say, “as a person who has always been a half-full kind of character.’ Really? Those people exist? As I age I find I’ve put a lot of different colors of glasses on…including rose colored. About a year or a little more ago, I adopted this new attitude, it’s a refuse to allow my brain to dwell on ‘negative’ attitude. When negative hits, I try to shut up and find something humorous about the situation. Strangely enough, almost every situation has humor hidden in it…at least with enough time. For some odd reason today the dumbest question popped into my brain. Literally, almost like I was reading it on Twitter or a FB status. The question went like this: If your entire world had to become one color…any shade of that color…but just one color what would you choose? At first I thought white, crisp, clean, and fresh! While white can conjure a feeling of clean in my brain, it comes in very few shades. The contrast to make the world possible would not become clear enough in the pictures my mind began to create. Then I went to yellow. No matter what shade of yellow I used, once again, the outline of things was not clear enough. I tried red. Shades of red seemed to work better. You can use very soft shades, purple shades, blue shades and really dark ones too. It started to irritate me rather quickly though. It was easier to see than white and yellow but it started to feel a bit like permanent sunburn. Then I switched to green, it is my favorite color after all! Shades of green were actually really nice. A green sea against a green sky, palest green sunshine…which felt a lot more like the moon. Green offers dark and light shades, so you can easily see the outlines. I could live with this one…yes…green. Really a sane person would not have allowed these thoughts to go this far, being bored I guess, my mind refused to be satisfied. I then began to see the world in shades of blue. An argument broke out amongst the characters I keep stored away in dark places up there. “You can’t have a blue world, blue represents sadness.” “Are you crazy? Blue represents peaceful, like the deep blue ocean!” Okay what little sanity I have left told them to both shut up. <Oh crap, did I just refer to that moment as sanity?> I just wanted to see the pictures pass by in shades of blue…and darn it all…blue worked too. Back and forth between blue and green, pictures were strolling through my mind…when I realized something rather important. This entire process I am going through is utter nonsense. So I got up and decided to blog about it, ha-ha! <shrugging as I enter anything further, because after all…if you’ve gone this far into announcing you are an off kilter kind of person…what the heck!> If you had to choose one color and all the variations of that color for your world, what would you choose and why?Image This picture was taken from <to that person, I hope you do not mind my using your picture…if you do let me know and I will change it! I googled blue world and images and fell in love with yours!>


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  1. Dee permalink

    While my favorite color is orange you would think that orange is what I would chose, but it is not. Yellow and blue would be my next choices if you ask me my favorites, but again, not what I would choose. If I had to color my world my choice would be GREEN. (If I got to pick more than one color it would be the fall colors of oranges, reds and yellows) I grew up with a mom that loved the color green. We had green carpet, green wallpaper, and green drapes. I swore that when I had my own place I would pick anything but green. But as I was pondering this question of what color to color my world, green was at the front of my mind.
    Here is a picture that I found to express that

    Thanks for letting my mind wander to think about this.

    • Thanks for commenting…I tried to get Stef to come on and tell her response. She said, it was hard to decide and she really thought it would be cool if we could change the color each day…I instantly saw a kaleidoscope that I could twist and see the world all in shades of….

  2. I love the way your mind works. I am a glass half full kind of person. I always try and find the positive in everything. This post has my mind working a hundred miles per hour and I am trying to figure out the color of my world. So…. I am going to Google for a second… be right back…

    Did you miss me? I am back already… love the world wide web and access to anything I want… right at my fingertips!

    Okay, so Orange… I have always loved that color and here at the following link is the picture that fits orange…

    As for why, it is the color of sunrises and sunsets… it begins and ends our days. It is warm and comforting. It is soothing to my soul.

    Thanks for a wonderful blog and a wonderful moment to ponder the color of my world.


    • I love what you wrote…and thanks for the picture. I think it was gorgeous! I guess I like sleep too much though, all that brightness would keep me awake, haha! I should show you pictures of the business we created in Ireland…I painted orange flames all over the wall….

      • Oh… I bet that was awesome!! How’s your little guy doing?

      • a little disappointed with the way things have gone out here lately…the ONLY therapists offered are the ones we were seeing. They are not really good and have done nothing to move him forward. In fact, the 30 minute sessions seemed to cause him to regress. My daughter stopped taking him as a result. Add to that…when I went to the local school to get things sorted for him to start next year I found it is full and they can’t take him. They can arrange for a bus to take him elsewhere…ummm no! So we have another year before he can begin his education. I have set up the meetings with the therapists of old to begin again. This time I will attend a few meetings and become outspoken about the way things appear to not be what we feel they should. I am learning from those on wordpress what other therapy sessions are like and hope to keep learning…that way I can, perhaps, pass the info onto the women that do meet with him. Connor is still progressing and learning various ways to get his point across. We do still run into moments of frustration where he tosses anything and everything around him to the ground. I find it hard to feel anything negative when he does it. If I could not tell you that I was hot or itchy, the house would be missing windows. I could not love a child more than I love him. I am so proud of the smiles and attempts to show love and find ways to express what he wants, when it is so difficult for him. Praying and watching, always learning…maybe somehow, someday…somebody will find a way to take the thoughts I KNOW he is having and help him express them! Until then each day is just another day of hope and love!

  3. Oh Wendy…that has to be so very frustrating! I am sorry that you are having to be put through all this. Let me tell you that you are absolutely doing the right thing by putting him back in therapy, AND being vocal about it. You and his mother are his only hope and his voice. You have to let them know things that you want to try. They should… as professionals… do those things as an attempt to help him. I will pray hard that God leads them to find the best for Connor. He is entitled!

    He is so very lucky to have you in his life. You are doing so many good things for him. You mentioned that you don’t feel negative when he tantrums… I feel the same way about my boys. I know they can’t communicate things and some things they just don’t understand. I know I would be super frustrated too. I also know that I get irritated with them too, but once I step back, I can remember these things. We can do this together Wendy… you are not alone.

    Gentle hugs,

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