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The Magic In His Eyes

May 19, 2012

I took Connor back to his special education teacher last week. We had a good visit and spoke about dislikes of Connor’s, and how I feel about Montessori approach vs forcing him to take in yet another puzzle. She was very good, took it in and actually put puzzles to the side. She set out a few choices for him and watched him pick them up and then tried to get him to communicate about things. He was not really interested in anything but he hasn’t been in 3 months so I am sure it will happen with a little time. We are not really pushing much right now as they are wrapping up for summer. I just wanted to get acquainted and talk about what we can expect for the Fall. I was thrilled when she agreed to start meeting at my house this Fall. I think Connor will learn a LOT more in the house, where he is used to being. He’s comfortable here and not walking into a new room, filled with new things to explore. That should make it a LOT easier for him to focus on what she is hoping to bring his attention to. Two days later he went to speech therapy. She is not at all interested in coming to my house BUT Connor lit up for her. I have actually never seen him function in quite the way I saw on that day. She pulled out a toy kitchen and a lot of play food. He sat in the middle of piles of food and picked out an apple, a carrot…he cooked his carrot and recited after Miss Cathy, “cook carrot.” He cut some of the play food that was designed to cut, with enthusiasm and just had a blast. I don’t have a toy kitchen but you better bet I will have one soon. He also pulled out her giraffe, tiger and lion. He told her each ones name and that they roar. Then he got out her dinosaurs and used the words dinosaur and T-Rex and told her they roar. Then he got out all her bears, the Panda, the Polar bear, the Grizzly bear and I’m sure there was another one. Anyway, then he did this funny thing I’ve never seen him do before. He took a small moose and rammed it into the dinosaurs until each one fell over and then asked them, “Are you okay?” He moved them to one area of the table. Then the tiny moose did the same to the zoo animals, leaving them all on their sides and placing them in another area of the table. It was then that he sat to play with his bears. He asked for a baby bear, which she found and gave him. Then he told her, “babies, say waaaa.” He played with the bears for awhile, matching the one little baby to the proper mommy bear. As we were leaving he pointed the butterfly on a shelf up high and announced, “butterfly.” All of this was a LOT of communication for Connor. He didn’t say any new words but the amount of communicating was awesome. On a high, I decided to venture to the Super-Walmart and grocery shop. While walking we noticed numbers, he informed me they were numbers and named a few. Then we started talking about the color green. His special ed teacher had helped me see that I was missing quite a few necessary elements and teaching him colors and shapes would be where I need to improve. Sooo, I picked green. We found a green watermelon straight away. He was fascinated and I rather began to regret the introduction of a green watermelon so early into the shopping trip, haha. He insisted on carrying the watermelon, which meant putting him in the seat of a basket and propping the heavy thing on his lap while keeping it balanced as I walked and talked about other things. He pointed to a lime and declared it an orange; of course I told him it was a green lime. He had to have two of them. So as we are buying food for the house, we are also balancing a heavy watermelon in his lap AND carrying two green limes. We found some green broccoli…yes I bought it and put it in the back of the basket. This carried on until he found green kitchen gloves, which he had to have and wear the remainder of the shopping spree…yes green gloves that are the size of a large hand do make carrying a watermelon and two limes even more difficult…and yes I did decide it was time to pay for things and leave about this time. He informed the check out lady he had green super hero gloves on. I have to tell you, I do not believe I have EVER had a happier day with Connor. Oh, I did forget to tell you that he also asked for taco’s when I passed that aisle. I bought the taco kit and all the fixings. When I left the store, he threw a royal temper fit. Strangely, I found that to feel quite awesome. How many kids enjoy an outting to the shopping center so much that leaving is worthy of a fit? Then it was time to take him home. As soon as we arrived at his house he informed me he was hungry. I told his dad and hugged him goodbye. I wish I had not turned around to see his sad face as I left. It made me feel so guilty. I did remember to leave the watermelon with him and the green gloves. Forgot the limes…once I got home and unpacked, I recalled the conversation about taco’s. I wanted to cry. How could I buy all that and not feed him a taco. I sent a message to his mom at work telling her what a great day we had and explaining that if they had any taco stuff, Connor had been asking for them. To my surprise, she had taken a break from work and fed the boy chicken taco’s! My day was made…I hope his was too.


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  1. What a wonderful day. I wish I lived closer to you… I would be on the hunt for a kitchen set! My NT nephew LOVED play food when he was little. He just soaked up that stuff. It is good that he initiated some play with it. That is one thing that is hard for our kids to do.

    Taco’s sound really good now… *sigh*… lol

    Thanks for sharing another amazing Connor story!

    • He is doing great in his various therapy classes since they put the puzzles away. Yesterday he sat with his speech therapist and they read a pop-out dinosaur book. When they were done he wanted to do it again, when she read it that time…he shouted out “T-Rex,” on the right page and then again, “Triceratop,” on it’s page. I’m so glad they are starting to take time to get to know him and see that his desire to learn is really there. They used to think he was non-verbal and wouldn’t pay attention. He’s getting more and more verbal every day now. He just has to ‘want’ to learn what they set before him. He’s very stubborn that way. I know he has to learn things he doesn’t love as well, but for a little while, it just seems important to put the learning in a more fun way…that way he is soaking it up while his brain is so very open to absorbing things. I guess that is the montessori side of me though…let the little one learn what he wants at his pace. It worked so very well for my daughter that I was sold a long time ago!
      I have to say, I wish you lived closer too. I need a walking partner and you, Robin and I could fly it! Hoping you are still working at it! Lots of love!

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