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June 3, 2012

Sharing has been one of the topics brought up by Connor’s special ed teacher. Actually, I think Connor is fabulous at sharing. I’m not sure why she brought it up. I took Connor out for a treat and asked him if I can have a bit of his juice and it became difficult to get him to stop trying to get me have a bit of his food or drink afterward. We sat and played with some blocks and took turns building. He seems to have this sharing thing down quite well. I’m curious about how that will go when he is with other children…but for now, I am really proud of him!

Lately, I’ve been putting more effort into trying to get books I’ve written published. That meant getting back to the first blog I had ever created and trying to reach out to followers who have probably long sense forgotten me. While on that blog I realized that perhaps I need to ‘share’…so I introduced Connor and this blog. That leads me to sharing the desire to become a published author side of me…and introducing that blog. HA! Here is my word though, this blog will not become a blog about writing and the joy or pain it can bring…this blog is for my personal life and most of all to keep up with Connor and his growth. That blog will become specifically about writing…So, if you want to learn that side of my life as well, please check out: If you just want the personal side, stay here…Thanks for taking the time to read and share with me!


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