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Making Pizza

June 6, 2012

Connor and I made pizza together…it was a lot of fun and I think we both learned a few things long the way!

First, starting pizza from scratch, while it is fun…takes a little more time than the average 4 year old wants to put in. He cracked the eggs like a pro, okay so there was little shell to pull out…but it was a great attempt! He poured the oil in and the yeast and stirred it up…everything was going great. We played some games while things did whatever they were supposed to do, and then we mixed it with the gluten free pizza flour mix. The spoon mixing was okay but ONE touch of the sticky dough and he thought he’d rather just let me take over. I patted it out, and again he gave it one pat and quickly pushed it away. Then you have to bake it for a few minutes before applying the pizza sauce and toppings. That was a little hard for him to understand but he was pretty patient with it. When I pulled it out and we began pouring the sauce on, putting the pepperoni’s and cheese on…awww, now we’re talking! That was a blast and you never saw a happier boy…………………….until I took it away to bake it! Wow! There was some ear piercing screaming, some on the floor fit pitching, okay so I was to blame for some of the on the tantrum on the floor, because after awhile I just decided to join him. He flew off that floor and raced to his Grand-dad like a monster had just been unleashed! Oh well, he stopped roaring at least! haha! I did end up feeding him a load of pepperoni’s and cheese to keep him waiting quietly though. Once I pulled it out of the oven, it arrived to the table with shouts of ‘hurray!’ What did I learn from this? Well I learned that maybe we need to make a few things that don’t take quite as long as pizza from scratch, to get him used to working in the kitchen and seeing the items through from start to finish… with a little less emotional upset. What did he learn, well he either learned that pitching a fit would get him plates full of pepperoni’s and cheese OR he learned that while creating a pizza with all the yummy stuff on top looks awesome, it still has to bake in the oven. I’m happy either way, because lets face it, any learning is better than none! <grins>


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