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The Adventure Of a Public Pool

June 18, 2012

ImageI don’t really know what I was thinking. Connor was so into his bubble bath, dunking his face blowing bubbles…and the light clicked over my head…swimming lessons! Off I went to have the local pool to add Connor to the list of children who would like to participate in beginner level swim class. I was feeling so proud of myself, so excited for the super fun days of swimming Connor was about to experience. Lesson 1 brought about 5 or 10 minutes of fun before the desire to explore all the other children’s bags of toys, the deep end of the pool and he pretty much drifted from one thing to the next thing for 20 minutes when he hit total meltdown. Screaming, pinching, just not a great moment for any of us. Auntie Stef<annie> had her back twisted out of place…yet remained calm. Once we had Connor safely buckled in his car seat the screaming continued to the point that I hit a meltdown of my own…until Auntie started singing, which calmed Connor somewhat. I don’t mind that the swimming lesson went badly, what brought me to tears was that old familiar feeling of failure when it went so very wrong. I was prepared to give up but after an hour and half of screaming, a calm voice said softly, “swimming.” So we went back the day after that with his daddy…it was still not a great adventure. FAR better than the first time but oh so not a happy day. He may have made 25 minutes before yet another meltdown hit. Tomorrow we try again, this time with a bag full of every toy we have seen other kids carry to the pool. I am no longer expecting a great adventure, just a half an hour in the sun. If it ends in tears that is still okay. I’m not sure how the seemingly bad moments in my eyes are twisted in his, he WANTS to go back, he wants to swim. We are not even attempting to ‘teach’ swimming anymore, now it’s just 45 minutes of intro to new experiences…Connor in my house is this cuddling, sweet, sensitive little boy. He’d never pinch or hit. He just takes you buy the hand and leads you to what he wants to do next…Connor in strange new places is a very different child. I was impressed yesterday when we all went out for Father’s Day dinner…and Connor was happy, loving the atmosphere for most of the meal! He ate his salad, ate his hot dogs, so thankful that the steak house had hot dogs, haha. He even told the lady thank you every time she came to the table. I guess the thing is to just keep going and doing new things over and over, leaving at the first sign of stress. I need to get out more and meet others who have been living this longer. People who have more suggestions of what we should try and what we should avoid. I actually didn’t even know that the out of control screaming is said to be more like an adult having an anxiety attack and not an actual temper tantrum…I’ve read a lot, so I was surprised to learn that. There must be a million things I need to know to make Connor’s life the best it can be. How and where can I absorb it all…ASAP! On the bright side, a few months ago I ached to hear him ask to go outside, now he says it easily. That and many other words! We are moving forward…because it’s the only place to go!  🙂


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