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A Shape Is Just A Shape

June 19, 2012

I sat with Connor yesterday going over shapes. I handed him a circle and asked, “What is that?” He handed it back and said with a shrug, “a shape.” I laughed and said yes, that is a shape called a circle. He tossed it aside. Then I handed him a square, again I asked…”What is that one?” “A shape,” he responded nodding his head happily. Okay any simple-minded Nana knows by now she is wording this thing completely wrong. I mean seriously the child IS answering the question as asked! I handed him a star this time. “Look Connor this is a star.” Nodding his a head a happy Connor hands it back and says, “shape.” Wait, what did I do wrong that time? Deep breath…”Connor, look, a triangle! This shape is a triangle.” I handed it to Connor who looks at it and says, “triangle.” YES! So I go through the entire thing again and no matter how I word it, a circle, a square, a heart…they are all shapes…but a triangle IS a triangle.I dunno…LOL! I know he knows them each by name. He happily yanks the heart necklaces of both his mom and Auntie while saying heart. He looks at the stars on tv and says the word star. I’ve heard him say both circle and square…yet on this day those shapes are indeed nothing more and nothing less than just shapes! Some days I want to just feed information in and hope it sticks but other days…like this one…I just want to cuddle and make wordless jokes with the most adorable Grandson on earth!


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