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A Late Father’s Day

June 20, 2012

I really didn’t have a chance to talk about my Dad on Father’s Day…I do try to keep this blog for information about autism and Connor. I think it is fair to take a break and just put in a little short something to introduce people to who my dad really is…believe me if you meet him, this is not the man you will first speak to. Hang around long enough and you’ll find the real one. Like me, my dad is a sunshine kind of person. Rain makes us gloomy and depression starts to sink into our bones…but we are pretty good at allowing the inner child to take control when those old rainy day blues begin to hit. Dad is currenly in Ireland, where he’s been for more than a month now. It is still cool and damp, constantly overcast…half the year he is in South Georgia, and a little less then half in over-cast Eire! This Father’s Day I was out with my husband and daughters, when I got home…it was to this email from my dad. I love it so much, I simply had to share it:
This morning the sky is heavy but it is not at the moment raining. Last night while the rain was pouring down, I was in the upstairs bathroom and noticed a slug trying to crawl (or slime) his or her way to the inside of the window. He or she had climbed on the outside of the house all the way up the roof. Perhaps it was trying to escape from the flood waters gathering below. The slug saw me looking at it and looking up, the best a slug can do, said in a very low voice (you have to listen very carefully to hear a slug because they have a soft somewhat gargling sound to their speech), “please let me in…it is so wet out here and I think I am coming down with a cold”. I was so divided by this plea. Half of me wanted to flush the slug down the toilet, my normal practice when slugs try to come in the window, and the other half feeling some sympathy for a living creature almost visibly shaking from the dampness. I didn’t know what to do, so I said to the slug, “just stay where you are and I will think about your request”. I went back to my bed still puzzling about what to do and went to sleep.

I awoke many hours later and went into the bathroom and there was the slug, exactly where it had been the night before, half in and half out of the window. I still didn’t know what to do. Feeling rather sluggish this morning myself, I thought I would ask you if you had any thoughts on what to do about this slug.

Bill Dad Gdad
Still laughing days later…I love you Dad! Come home soon!


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