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Swimming lessons from Connor

June 28, 2012

Last time we went swimming I felt quite hopeful that Connor was going to finally start learning a little about how to swim. He bobbled in the water, seemed to begin to cop on to the fact he needs to close his little mouth or he’ll get a mouthful of water. He began to venture off the constant cling to our arms and understand that if he reaches toward something and kicks he will get there. The awesome part was that when he was done, he informed me he was done and immediately headed out the door. No tears at all. It was really quite amazing! Today I went back with the enthusiasm that we would be venturing into a little more swimming. Connor didn’t really seem too interested in the water today. He climbed in and then out a few times. He went to the baby pool, which is unique for him, where he discovered a weighted rocket ship at the bottom. First he tried to stick his head down under water to get it, and didn’t like that idea at all. It took about two seconds for him to remember he has fabulous monkey toes, to which he used to grasp the thing and then force it up one leg and into his hands. Resourceful little fellow! Then he spent his entire swim lesson shouting, “5,4,3,2,1…Blast off!” He would lift the rocket ship into the air and once in a while yell, “moon!” He flew it about making life like motor noises and telling the world, “Rocket ship!” To be honest the joy and fun he had was so freakin’ adorable that for me the lack of swimming experience fizzed into a quick ‘who cares!’ His daddy was a little more disappointed…but here’s the thing…he said, “hey guys,” to several little children. He smiled and told a mommy that past by, “hello.” He imagined he had a rocket ship that would blast off…and he got a fun day in the sun. I stressed over the moment that we would have to remove the toy and give it back to the person that owned it. After quite some time of watching him play I opted to toss the rocket ship about the water and watching him go get it, over and over…finally taking the toy and hiding it. He screamed for about 30 seconds. Then it was over and he was ready to go home. We had no real tantrum…by golly, I think this kid is starting to catch on to ‘the way life is!’ I did try to find him a weighted rocket ship for the pool at Walmart and couldn’t…so adding that to my list of things I totally have to search for! All in all, this has been a great Connor day! Oh how I love the great days! What did he learn, well I think he is learning that he can’t just have the toy when it belongs to someone or someplace else. I think he is learning to feel safe around other groups of people and who can forget that moment when he figured out how to make the toy come up out of the water with his toes…What did we learn? Well we learned that you can plan the days lesson all you want…but sometimes it’s just not the lesson that is going to take place. Go with the flow…let the learning come to him and we all seem the better for it!


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