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Optimism Or Insanity?

July 13, 2012

If you search for a more optimistic view, you will find it. I’ve been trying to change my negative thinking into something a little more useful. Recently I have noticed that I am, in fact, becoming an optimist. The other day, one thing after another seemed to be knocking me down. My first thought was negative. I woke up stiff and sore, which usually scares me because it is a sign that a lupus flare is about to take place. I chose to shrug it off, knowing the logical thing is to assume it is just yard work getting to me! Hours of climbing up and down steep hills and hauling pine straw to the top will do that to even the most healthy body! Anyway, I walked into the kitchen and picked up the rejection letters that I have been ignoring. Suddenly, I heard my inner voice, “I’m never going to get published!” For some reason on this day, my brain overpowered that voice. I heard very loudly, “Oh bull shit! You can do what you want to do! Do you want this or not? If you want it then file those and get moving forward!” The funny thing is the voice I heard was MY OWN! Yep, I said that right out loud…to MYSELF! LOL! I can tell you between that moment and the first cup of coffee, and the long walk down to my hiding place to work…many small bumps in the road leapt out to snag me. Most are too personal to share. The smallest of those bumps was watching my phone leap out of my hand and literally fly down the stairs. I walked down, picked up the phone and again heard my voice speaking out loud, yes, to my telephone. “Thank you, in that moment of having to pick you up, I remembered I still need to take time to use the bathroom! Way to go phone!” So now that I’ve had time to review the changes of going from a negative person to a positive one, I have to ask you, am I becoming more positive or just entering a new realm of insanity? Hmmm, is it possible that all you full time optimists are actually slightly nuts?


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