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Mirror Image

July 17, 2012

I’m not sure what I was watching happen with Connor yesterday…but I plan to re-visit it! We were just playing on the bed that I keep set up for him, in what used to be my office. It’s a queen box spring with a super comfy mattress on the floor. I removed the bed as I felt it was too high for my bouncy boy! On the floor sits a mirror that used to be on top of a dresser. As we lay on the bed I watched Connor, watch himself. After a bit I introduced my reflection as ‘Nana.’ I then introduced his reflection as ‘Connor.’ We’ve been trying to teach him to say “My name is Connor,” or at least respond when asked. I did that a couple of times and he touched himself, not his image and said, “Connor.” Then I laughed and pulled my ears out and said, “look at those ears!” He did the same and then touched his nose repeating things once again. After that he was watching his hands, wiggling them and studying them…the mirror image, not the real thing. So I played with the mirror image, showing him he has 2 hands…wiggling fingers and counting them. Then touching our hands together and going back and forth to the mirror image. I then added his 2 hands with my 2 hands making 4 hands. He really seemed to be understanding the lesson. Most importantly here, he didn’t scream or want out of the it. He was content to learn and enjoying it. I am going to try and come up with more mirror image lessons for him to see how that goes. Yes I know this is odd…but if it works, fly with it! I love watching Connor learn. It is amongst the greatest highs in life! I’ll try to catch a picture of him studying in mirror image but for now I am adding one I love. He has fallen in love with songs like “New York” and “Singing In The Rain.” He is also in love with the men who used to perform these songs, wearing top hats and walking canes. He has stolen my dancing bears walking stick, which looks like a magic wand and my daughters black hat. He puts them on sings bits of these songs while parading around the house wiggling about. I just love the pose in this pic, the super hero shirt and pull up with no pants Image


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  1. Oh Wendy!! This is so very awesome! These kids have a lot of opportunity for teachable moments. Anything that you can find that interests him can become a teachable moment. Mirrors, favorite toys… etc. He is so very debonaire in his hat and I can imagine him singin’ in the rain! Keep it up hun… he is such a sponge soaking up these moments!! Hugs to you and that sweet boy!


    • Thanks Kari…hmmm I hope my response back is getting to you. I just hit reply in the email and I’m not sure what I am doing, haha! Connor is doing so great with building on words lately. I am just hoping that we will soon add toilet training with a bit of success? He does not want to, so we keep holding back. At 4 it seems time though…

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