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My name is Wendy Shilling Boyce. I’ve been trying to learn how to blog for awhile on a different site. It started out as a way to catch attention for books I’ve written and hope to publish…it ended up becoming a full time joy. To be honest blogging has become a positive outlet in my life. I find myself looking for something with a bit of humor to share with others, even taking moments that would have made my skin crawl in the past and turning them into something worth laughing about! Take for instance a few minutes ago… my husband was telling me that the next time he has to work away from home over nights he wants to take the dog…I informed him he didn’t have a dog, I did! Shortly afterward our precious 70 lb ball of white fluff puked, not once but twice…and ON the carpet. I text him back, “did you tell her to do that?” He responded, “what are you talking about?” I said, “YOUR dog puked!” Now in the past I’d have just been frustrated but this new and wonderful tool called blogging has me constantly looking for a laugh in every situation! I love passing through pages others have written, finding new ways to express myself and to be honest…I simply love the opportunity to journal. My entire life has been a drama. From childhood to present. When I was young I walked the walk, I allowed everything that surrounded me to fill my mind with cravings for more theatrical antics. I brought hardship on myself. For some mysterious reason I got bored with it. I decided to quiet the demons and seek peace. I now find myself standing on solid ground with humor surrounding me…rather like I am drowning in it at times…haha! <That would be funny to you too if you saw me laughing as I attempted to hold water pipes that burst together while trying to get others to shut the water off…yeah, somehow even that brought out gales of laughter!> It’s a wonderful tool and I hope you’ll find some fun or hope in the things I share here. If you do, please leave a comment. If you have a page of laughs you thinks I need to view, let me know! Just so you are not fooled into thinking everything I write will be a laugh…I have three kids, actually two are adults and the last one is 16. I also keep my 4 year old grandson while his mom works, he is getting tested in Feb. for autism. I’ve been diagnosed with SLE lupus, doing okay with it but it freaks me out once in awhile. As I mentioned before I write books and have a dream of some day being published. Did I mention the 70lb labradoodle and the two ‘Garfield’ cats? My days are full of things to do and it’s rare to find a moment of quiet…so a lot of what will go in here will deal with kids, autism and even lupus. It’s my journal of hope and healing, joy and love. I do solemnly swear to try hard to NOT whine! <grins> Hope we meet up on here sometime!

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